In Korea, chances are your accident/incident WAS recorded!

Another piece of practical and accessible insight into Korean law from the KLawGuru.



In Korea, almost all motor vehicles are equipped with a black box (i.e., video recording device). This essentially means: any random thing that happened on/near/around the road is more than likely to have been (video) recorded by some passing/parked vehicle.

For example, should anyone happen to fall victim to a hit-and-run, it’s imperative that the victim try to obtain the license plate numbers of any parked cars at the scene. Hit-and-run vehicles tend to take off right away, so it’d be almost impossible to see/remember the hit-and-run vehicle’s license plate number. What you can do though is, check to see whether any parked cars (nearby) happened to record your accident. Worse comes to worst, get a hold of the ambulance license plate number. The ambulance black box could have recorded what cars were at the accident scene. Then, you can contact the owner of those cars.


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