So President Trump happened

Both the outcome as well as the reasons for Donald Trump’s election as the President of the United States are uncannily similar to Brexit. I wrote about my thoughts on Brexit when it happened back in June, and if I substitute that word with Trump it would be a good description of how I feel about today’s momentous result.

Ultimately, a majority of Americans have made a choice. They have chosen that anything – and really, anything – is better than the status quo, and that any vehicle that can poke the Establishment in the eye will do. There’s going to be fear, suspicion and uncertainty for the more vulnerable sections of the American public, and continued bafflement, shame and recrimination amongst the liberals as they seek to find answers and plan for the future.

Trump has drawn comparisons with Adolf Hitler, both for his rhetoric as well as the reactions he has inspired/provoked from his supporters and detractors. The fearful concern is whether America is now on the cusp of tumbling down into the dark well of totalitarianism. But the USA of 2016 is not Germany of 1933. As the oldest contiguous democracy in the world, and despite what we have seen in the run-up to this election, I believe and hope that America has the capacity as well as the innate compulsion for vigilant preservation of their political system. Those in the US who are not validated by Trump’s ascension – and perhaps many countries around the world – will hope likewise.


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