So, so weird seeing this. The first Trainspotting was THE movie of my teen years, not because it was my favourite but because it absolutely dominated the cultural zeitgeist of the nineties UK. The poster that was parodied ad-nauseum; the Iggy Pop and Lou Reed revivals; the idolization of Begbie; the faux-nihilism and the misguided romanticization of heroin chic. No other British cultural product of the time was so admired, talked about, imitated and analyzed. It was, unwittingly, the movie-ification of Cool Britannica.

Just watching the same cast (how great that all the main players are back intact – and Kelly McDonald hasn’t aged much!) brings back all sorts of strange feelings. Nostalgia mixed with the weight of all the years that have gone by. When the first one came out I was in school and had no idea what the hell I was doing. I still don’t, but the difference is I had more time back then.


Trainspotting 2 Trailer

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