Some thoughts:

  • It’s the gaming equivalent of Microsoft’s Continuum feature. Emphasis on mobile, social, competitive gaming without loss in graphical fidelity. The key is going to be: how fast are the transitions between various device states? How quickly will the game show up on the TV when Switch is docked?
  • There were two main types of controllers shown in the clip: a detachable controller with the word ‘Switch’ in the middle, and then later on what looks like the Classic Controller. The detachable little control units that can go on the tablet as well as act as controllers in themselves look too small to be comfortable. The idea itself, though, is great – you automatically have at least a two-player scenario wherever you go.
  • The eternal question: how long is the battery life of Switch when undocked?
  • The design and colour scheme of Switch is a step above the toy-like looks of the Wii and Wii U. It looks forward-facing enough to resemble future communication devices as imagined in 1990s anime.
  • Doubtless Skyrim was shown off to please the more conventional hardcore gamers as well as to make a statement about 3rd party support. But a couple of things are worrying: even in that video the framerate didn’t look too hot, and the fact that a five-year old game is one of Switch’s headline acts skewed a little too close to the Portal-on-Nvidia Shield precedent for comfort. Is Switch going to be at the mercy of 3rd party publishers porting older games if and when they choose (as was the case for the previous two consoles)?
  • A new 3D Mario game?!
  • Weird that Nintendo focused on the competitive aspect of the new device and yet didn’t (or couldn’t) feature a new Smash Bros. A missed opportunity.



First Look at Nintendo Switch – YouTube

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