Raphael Honigstein on Guardian Football Weekly podcast, talking about Arsenal and Wenger after the Dinamo Zagreb defeat

“Arsenal’s issue is that there’s a reluctance to look at your team in an objective light, reluctance to maybe cause a bit of friction by having a real competition in the side… if you feel that Giroud cannot be confronted with a player who might be better than him because it upsets him too much and the dressing room is not such a happy place, that’s one way of coaching and of course it brings you a certain level of success, but perhaps it’s not quite enough if you want to actually aim for real trophies. And then there are other issues that we’ve talked about for so many years… you know, Wenger’s lack of attention to detail when it comes to coaching, doesn’t really believe in adapting to the opposition… The great managers – Mourinho would have scouted Dinamo Zagreb to death, scouted them to death, even though (he) probably believe(s) deep down that they’re not at the same level. I can guarantee you Wenger would have looked at them, but still told his team ‘just do your usual stuff, play with confidence, go out there, enjoy yourself.’ That’s what he does. And it’s great when you have real high quality players – and Arsenal do have that – and… it can take you quite far, and he’s shown over the years there’s consistency in getting results. But it’s not quite enough to actually get to the step beyond that where the small details actually do matter.”


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