Advantage Lucy are one of the great under-recognised indie bands in Japan, at least from overseas perspective. Almost all of their songs are great, but having been around for almost two decades they have only released 3 albums. The band has been touched by tragedy: former guitarist Takayuki Fukumura, who quit in 1999, died of heart disease 4 years later at the tender age of 28. Two other members quit, leaving only lead singer Aiko and guitarist Yoshiharu Ishizaka, and limited research on the web shows that they have been married since 2011. Advantage Lucy have not released an album since ‘Echo Park’ in 2005, from which ‘Splash’ is taken. It’s a typically sunny and jangly song with a melancholic tinge, something that the band specialises in. I remember being blown away by ‘Echo Park’ when I first bought it all those years ago, and that’s as good a place as any to get acquainted with this wonderful, talented group.

Advantage Lucy – Splash

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