Sunderland sack Paolo Di Canio after training-ground row with players

Guardian article

The person that really deserves the opprobrium is Ellis Short, the owner. Why bother hiring a manager and sanction the transfer of 14 players for him for the new season if you’re going to sack him after just 5 games? In the long and inglorious history of Premier League managerial firings, this is one of the sorriest.


3 thoughts on “Sunderland sack Paolo Di Canio after training-ground row with players

  1. Di Canio served his purpose at the end of last season – to give Sunderland players and staff a jolt that may (or may not) give them a chance at Premier League survival. With that achieved, dispensing Di Canio is probably an easy decision – Short knew that he would get plenty of opportunities to sack his hot-headed manager. The question now is – does he have a bigger plan that he wants to execute? Apparently Paolo did not get the players he wanted during the summer – Huddlestone, etc. It remains to be seen how this will play out. A long way to go until we have a better idea of how the Black Cats will do after 38 matches.

    • Yes, you’re right that avoiding relegation was the main objective. What I find difficult to understand is why he was then allowed (under or with De Fanti) to bring in so many players for the new season; or why, after such drastic change, Di Canio was expected to show immediate result after just 5 matches. I think that Ellis Short once had a big plan, but it seems to have been thwarted at every turn. There are many more games left, as you say, and I am particularly interested in how Ki will do (I think he will be a mainstay in the first team) so let’s watch who the new manager is and how the team sets out under him.

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