Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV device

Eurogamer report

It’s rare for Sony nowadays to surprise with their announcements, but the Vita TV has really caught everyone off guard. Being able to actually plug in Vita game cards and play them on the TV; play PS4 from different screens – either one of these would have justified Vita TV’s existence, but the fact that they co-exist on one little affordable device, alongside PSP, PS1 games and set-top box video streaming and apps makes it a very compelling product indeed. There are caveats – some of the biggest Vita games (Uncharted, WipeOut, Gravity Rush) aren’t supported; touchscreen gaming will be an issue – but even so there is a huge and tangible library of software already available when it comes out, which sets the Vita TV apart from the likes of Ouya, Apple TV and Chromecast. It should at the very least increase the install base of the Vita, making the platform more attractive for developers, while as a TV streaming device there are yet more possibilities in store. Unexpected, and unexpectedly exciting.


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