Ian McKellen to play Sherlock Holmes in new film directed by Bill Condon

Guardian Report

This sounds absolutely fantastic.


10 thoughts on “Ian McKellen to play Sherlock Holmes in new film directed by Bill Condon

  1. Wow, sounds intriguing. Have you seen “Elementary?” The 1st season was amazing! I actually like it better than “Sherlock.” I really loved the 80s Granada TV series too (starring Jeremy Brett). Did they have reruns while you were there? In Korea, the old History Channel used to run it all the time…

    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about ‘Elementary’! I will check it out. Who plays Sherlock? The Jeremy Brett Holmes TV series is rather legendary isn’t it… the definitive interpretation, and I think the episodes are available on the Korean internet TV.

  2. Jonny Lee Miller. He’s great. I don’t really know him but you might (he’s a Brit). US TV has a knack for reinterpreting/reinvorating Brit (foreign) shows, I feel. They repackage/resell stuff really well. If only “soccer” took off, hehe…

    • Yep, he’s in Trainspotting and Hackers (90s stuff, heh). So he plays an American Sherlock? Or rather, ‘Elementary’ is an American programme? I think ‘soccer’ keeps growing in the US – I saw Clint Dempsey’s unveiling at the Seattle Sounders and it was pretty spectacular.

  3. It’s an American show (pretty sure). He plays a more human (vulnerable?) Holmes – which I love. Gosh, I was thinking about getting a Vita (with the recent price drops and all), but I feel a new, slimmer one will be out very soon. Btw, I read somewhere that ManU did try to hijack Ozil – like you were wonderingㅋㅋㅋ

    • The new, slimmer Vita has been announced! But it’s actually a step back from the original version as far as the hardware is concerned – the screen is worse, for example. Now is a really good time to buy a Vita, because it’s very affordable – less than KRW 190,000 online. Some great games, FM2014 is coming out hehe.

    • The new one is made with cheaper materials and components so that Sony can cut costs. The original Vita has OLED screen, the new one has LCD screen. People have preferences, but the OLED used in the original Vita looks like it’s brighter and has cleaner image quality than the LCD in the new one. The new one has 1 hour longer battery, but the original Vita has a more premium feel to its overall build, judging from the comparison photographs online…

    • I bought the PSP when it first came out as well! It was back in 2005, the PSP itself cost KRW 350,000, and then I had to buy the memory card, and a game (I bought the MLB baseball game), and a protection case… altogether it was more than KRW 500,000, I recall. Things have improved somewhat 😉

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