Man Utd end up buying Fellaini, but somehow miss out on Ozil, who joins Arsenal

This has been an absolutely pathetic summer for United. Even when Arjen Robben and Michael Ballack slipped through the fingers and joined Chelsea back in the mid-200s it wasn’t as bad as this, because this time it’s completely self-inflicted. I’m sure Fellaini will be a useful player for United; I’m not even that sore about missing out on Herrera. Trying to buy Fabregas and Alcantara when they clearly weren’t interested in coming to Old Trafford – I can let that go. But not going in for Ozil when he was available is inexcusable. United wanted to buy him back in 2010, and he was apparently offered to Moyes by Real only recently. He’s a true world class playmaker that cost not much more than Herrera’s buyout clause and now he will be lighting up the Emirates. This is beyond frustrating and United have been made a laughing stock, even before the imposters shenanigans.

Whether playing with Rooney, as his replacement, or deeper in midfield spraying passes around, Ozil would have solved so many of United’s problems it actually causes tiny stabs of pain to see him join Arsenal. What I can’t wrap my head around is the thought-process that must have taken place in the feeble brains that now suddenly run United: here’s a brilliant player who we’ve wanted for years, is now available for transfer, who’s actually been offered to us at a price that’s fairly reasonable given the current climate, and who will both instantly make the first team better and add credibility to the club. After thinking this through, they decided: ‘Nah, we’d rather start haggling for Herrera 6 hours before the deadline.’

* This is an update to what I wrote in the comments section in this Guardian article:


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