Ronaldo to United rumours are unnecessary distraction

Guardian article on the rumour

After a summer of a load of hot air and almost zero actual deals, any transfer rumour now involving Manchester United demands a pinch of salt. Cristiano Ronaldo ending his career at Old Trafford has a lot of sentimental appeal, but the suggested timing of his move, the summer of 2015 at the earliest, and his probably sky-high price, will mean that it’s not actually all that attractive in practical terms. Most of all, Ronaldo to United has little meaning for David Moyes at a point when he most requires help on the pitch. He is urgently seeking a central midfield signing that he can rely on now and for the next few years as he starts an extraordinarily difficult job of replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. Unfortunately, and incomprehensibly for a club of United’s size and reputation, they have publicly missed out (by a mile) on two priority players, and then tried falling back on alternative targets by making laughably low bids. People thought that Fabregas was a far-fetched move; trying to bring Ronaldo back is on another level altogether. Ed Woodward needs to just concentrate on making sure that he lands Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines from Everton by paying what they’re actually worth. They are two players who will, despite some United supporters’ reservations, help the club. They have been excellent performers in the Premier League for a number of years and will complement the quality already in the team, as well as adding depth to the squad. With just a week to go until the transfer window closes, United need to get realistic about their recruitment.


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