Arsene Wenger none too pleased with Real Madrid’s humungous offer for Gareth Bale


You have to feel for Wenger. You toil away year after year, season after season, pinching pennies and living within your means. Your record transfer is a £15m flop who has just left for nothing. You move to a new stadium built without government support, lose key players every year, while enduring criticism from all quarters, even – especially – from your own fans for not spending money like those oil-rich clubs who buy players like canned goods during a zombie outbreak. Just when your club finally achieve financial stability and are able to make bids of the magnitude of £40m (sorry, £40m plus £1), Real go and offer £86m for a player who is undoubtedly excellent but who isn’t yet one of the best players in the world. Wenger quite rightly questions how the financial fair play rules will be implemented. You have to wonder whether they will be effective at all, when football’s biggest and richest clubs are actually spending more money as FFP looms larger. Does Platini have a big enough pair to go and ban PSG, Real and Man City from the Champions League? Doubt it – excuses will be made, loopholes will be found, and Wenger will once again be left off the financial pace, through no fault of his own.

2 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger none too pleased with Real Madrid’s humungous offer for Gareth Bale

    • Haha there don’t seem to be too many of them around nowadays, sir. Wenger wouldn’t be too unhappy to see Bale leave for Spain, though, since it will improve Arsenal’s chances of getting into the top 4 again.

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