More than 23,000 signatures petition Microsoft to bring back Xbox One DRM… for one reason or another page, via USGamer

There are some endearingly naive enthusiasts pining for the return of Xbox One’s original vision (‘You listened to the minority and gave them what they wanted so it would sell. This minority were most likely Sony fanboys causing trouble’; ‘I believe this form of distribution (digital) is the future… and hope for a reduction of price in triple AAA retail games*’), but most of the ‘reasons for signing’ are reassuringly mirth-inducing. Some examples:

– ‘I want the PS4 to get a sales boost!…just in case this works out.’
– ‘I’ll support this for the endless waves of stupid people to enjoy being screwed over by Microsoft.’
– ‘Because I hate myself as much as I hate the xbox one, and I deserve a console that treats me like the dirty, piece of shit I am.’

And the best one:
– ‘Some people just want to watch the world burn.’

* Emphasis mine, because… like that was ever going to happen.


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