A big month for consumer tech (particularly gaming)

Internet is going to tremble at the amount of tech news that will come out from for the next month. Looking at the schedule:

  • 21 May: Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox
  • End of May: Nvidia is rumoured (almost certainly) to be releasing the next round of GPUs, the GTX700 series
  • 4-8 June: Intel to officially announce the 4th generation core i-series CPUs
  • 10-14 June: Apple is holding the annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference, where iOS 7 is expected to be announced
  • 11-13 June: E3, where Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce many of the important details surrounding their next generation consoles

Obviously this is going to be an important period as far as gaming is concerned: PS4 has already been announced, but we don’t know what it looks like, which hopefully will be addressed at E3; Microsoft will finally unveil the next Xbox, amid many rumours and much controversy; the GTX 700-series is only an incremental upgrade from the 600-series, but a new line of GPUs from Nvidia is always fun, as is the new round of CPU release from Intel; last but not least, this year’s WWDC is widely expected to debut the first iOS to be overseen by Jony Ive, and by all accounts it will be a very different beast to what we are used to. It will also confirm whether the iPad announcement cycle has definitively moved to a late-year slot.

I’ve watched E3 on live stream for about 4 years now, and despite the overblown nonsense and gif-friendly unintentional hilarity I generally enjoy them. Sony’s conference this year is helpfully scheduled for 10am where I am, so here’s hoping for 5 years in a row.