David Gill to step down as Manchester United’s chief executive

David Gill presided over what will come to be recognized as the most successful period in Manchester United history: during his tenure the club won 4 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League, 1 FA Cup and 3 League Cups. The lower number of league titles and FA Cup wins compared to his predecessors is more than offset by the fact that United also reached 2 more Champions League finals and produced probably the most well-rounded squads that the club has witnessed, as well as the most singularly brilliant individual player in Cristiano Ronaldo.

The announcement is also interesting due to the following quote from Alex Ferguson:

“I have been at United for over 26 years and for 23 of those years my boss has been one of only two men: Martin Edwards, who brought me to the club, and David Gill. I have enjoyed working with both.

In the other 3 years Fergie’s boss was that treacherous turncoat Peter Kenyon, who botched the Ronaldinho transfer before defecting to Chelsea, and effectively hijacked deals for Arjen Robben and Michael Essien, who both had basically agreed to sign for United (Robben even visited United’s training ground at Carrington with his father, who is also his agent) before opting for Stamford Bridge for more money. Ferguson’s pointed omission of Kenyon’s name shows that they have not forgotten his betrayal.


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