What to expect from the next-gen PlayStation

Another exceptional article by Digital Foundry, the go-to place for all things game-tech. The conviction in its description of the PS4 specs means that Sony’s next generation console will not be a surprise come announcement. Like with Playstation Vita, it’s a sensible, generous hardware full of upside, geared towards games above anything else. In comparison, the next Xbox’s 8GB memory with 3GB supposedly reserved for the OS is an uncomfortable reminder that Microsoft remains fixated on Kinect and other sundry home entertainment provisions that will continue to draw attention – and investment – away from games. Last year was rough on hardcore Xbox 360s users: the console has kept selling, particularly in the US, and the usual suspects of Call of Duty and Halo continue to do very well, but from creative standpoint the list of recent exclusives is a depressing read. With only Gears of War: Judgment slated for this year, the overriding impression is one of a company whose priority lies somewhere other than traditional gaming experience.

For Sony though, everything points for PS4 to being a fairly affordable, stable console that is much easier to develop for than its predecessor. PS3 was an on-going process for many years after launch, with Sony continuing to right its initial design and marketing wrongs deep into its lifecycle. Sony can’t afford to firefight like this with PS4. We will see how much it costs later in the year (before E3 if rumors are to be believed), but as far as the specs are concerned, Sony seems to be taking a pragmatic approach that should make both gamers and developers fairly happy.


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