Korean Mobile Phone Market Headed for the Dark Ages… Again

With HTC pulling out of Korea and Android’s (read Samsung’s) market share reported to be over 90%, the news today that Google’s Nexus 4 (manufactured by Korea’s very own LG) will not be released in the country is another evidence that Korea is once again heading for the IT dark ages. Samsung and LG’s duopoly which lasted up until the release of iPhone 3GS in 2009 left customers totally defenceless against rapacious handset makers in cahoots with greedy carrier SK (and to a lesser extent, KT). Say what you like about Apple and iPhone, but its introduction in Korea had a truly revolutionary impact and provided untold benefit to millions of users here. But the above news, coupled with the continued – and suspicious – delay in iPhone 5’s release, paint grim picture for smartphone users who will be fearing that our market is turning into an IT Galapagos yet again.


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