Samsung’s Galaxy S III looks good… but the company is still addicted to Apple


Samsung announced Galaxy S III today, and at least externally the overall shape and contour of the phone are enough of a departure from the series predecessors, themselves heavily influenced by you-know-what. This pleasant first impression only lasted until I saw this a few moments later:


I mean, what are they playing at? Samsung has been embroiled in unseemly legal shenanigans with Apple for a whole year now, and they are keen to let people know that they do care about unique design and that they in no way ‘slavishly’ copy iPhone. But the above picture showing Samsung’s own voice recognition feature, S-Voice, is a painful reminder to the contrary. It’s as if after all the noise and clamour, Samsung still isn’t really interested in coming up with their own UI design. Everything is unerringly similar: the conversation flow between the user and (presumably) the voice assistant, followed by weather information in the middle and then the microphone icon, which looks identical. Did they have staff meetings where the management said, “We’ve been accused of copying Apple and the whole world is watching what we do with our Galaxies. So for our new, important voice recognition service, we are going to make it look exactly like Siri and not bother coming up with our own interface.”? Good thing Tim Cook is trying to settle out of court.


2 thoughts on “Samsung’s Galaxy S III looks good… but the company is still addicted to Apple

  1. Everything well said except the very last sentence. It sounds like only Mr. Cook is trying to settle this out of court. I am not even sure if he wants to settle this out of court at all. Apple, along with Samsung, is just following the court order that two companies should meet up to find a solution.

    • Yeah Tim Cook is certainly quite different from Steve Jobs, who, had he still been alive, would have wanted to pursue the lawsuit to the very end. Whether or not Samsung ‘slavishly copied’ Apple’s design, one thing is clear: iPhone’s success has been good for Samsung’s bank account almost as much as Apple’s.

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