The Last of Us (2012) Announcement…and my favourite reaction on NeoGAF

So The Last of Us, after a few days of intrigued reaction and some eagle-eyed speculation, was finally confirmed yesterday with this trailer:

Even with the Uncharted 3 clue, it was difficult to foresee Naughty Dog’s involvement, and the shock was compounded by the revelation that they had a whole separate team working on the game in secret. But then it was tempting to suppose that Uncharted 3’s slightly underwhelming end result was perhaps down to the burden and distraction of concurrent development (and let’s not forget that U3 had all the additional bells and whistles attached to it in the shape of 3D and split-screen co-op), and whatever impact was achieved by the surprise reveal may have been at the expense of Drake’s latest adventure. The prospect of arguably the most technically brilliant console developers this generation creating a brand new IP is still a tempting one, however, even if the overall concept and setting glimpsed in the clip are too familiar to truly take the breath away.

Anyway, here is my favourite internet reaction to the announcement trailer, seen on the NeoGAF forum:



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