Two Kinds of Christmas Trees

A huge Christmas tree in the lobby of the Millennium Hilton

Some sort of Christmas tree substitute in the lobby of the 63 Building

More than a few people have commented to me that Christmas decorations aren’t what they’re used to be. Some said that it’s down to the bad economy; others feel people just aren’t that into yuletide celebrations anymore. Has Christmas gone out of fashion in the land of never calm?


4 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Christmas Trees

  1. Well, I think Christmas trees are the same alright. It’s people who once children no longer appreciate Christmas as the same as they used to. For many of us, Christmas now is nothing but a way to exploit our souls commercially once again.

    • Looking back, Christmas (along with birthdays) was the only occasion where children had the chance to feel the – albeit vicarious – thrills of consumership. Now, though, thanks to ‘ubiquitous’ connectivity the young’uns are constantly stimulated, and simple things like toys in Christmas wrappings probably don’t seem so special. Like you say Christmas is commercial exploitation, but the difference now I think is that every day feels like it.

  2. I never cared about buying and giving “presents” on Christmas. Even as a little boy, Christmas was all about the “presence” of loving and caring. I felt like I could love anyone, forgive everyone at least on Christmas day, and that alone made me very happy. Christmas was that much magical time for me. Now, Christmas is just another sad day of self-righteousness. Sigh…. To me, everything else is still the same, the tree, carols, Santa, etc. It’s me who’ve changed, and that makes me really mad.

    • Yeah I think Christmas has more appeal for children, but hopefully you will have the opportunity to start appreciating it once more. And just as you feel you’ve moved away from the happiness that Christmas represents, you will as surely move towards it again 🙂

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