iPhone 4S pre-ordered



8 thoughts on “iPhone 4S pre-ordered

  1. Don’t you still have more than a year of contract left from your old phone? Wow…. Your company must pay you well… Congrats. My phone was stolen last month and I had to get another one. It was insured, but I still had to pay 19만원…ㅜㅠ

    • I’m handing over my iPhone 4 to the gf, which is the perfect excuse for me to upgrade. Sorry hear about your stolen phone, though. How did it happen? So KT considers theft as the fault of the user? Hmm… that doesn’t seem right.

    • Well, my 4S is coming next Monday, so getting quite excited. It does sort of make me a little mad that Korea always has to wait a month to get Apple’s new stuff – there’s so much red tape and administrative hoops an overseas company has to jump through to get anything released over here, you would think we were concerned about protecting domestic products or something… 😉

  2. The rumor is that Samsung has been pressuring the gov. officials to delay iphones to enter Korea as long as posslbe. Only this time, Sammy felt relieved that Apple didn’t launch iPhone 5, so they allowed it relatively quicker. Oh, by the way, a series of blind date…. it’s a lot harder that I thought.

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