Ajisai Town – Halfway Singing

I know nothing about this band – never heard of them before, don’t know if they are still active or ever released a full album. What I do know is that this song moves me greatly. It’s been a while since a newly discovered song had this effect (at least a couple of years), and I know I’m going to play it too repeatedly for the magic to last long.

I particularly like two things about Halfway Singing. The first is that the band doesn’t rush through the song and takes its time to properly let the melody and the persuasive vocals really sink in. But thanks to some very strong and astute drumming, and the beautifully delayed entry into the final chorus at 3:43, it never loses its quiet urgency.

Second plus-point for me is the plangent simplicity of the lyrics and the rugged austerity of the chord composition, allowing the song to resonate without giving that cutesy, cloying feel which pervade most of the indie music in Korea. Halfway Singing reminds me of Hope Street by Levellers, which is no small complement (because I love Hope Street). Bravo, Ajisai Town, whoever you are.


Edit: Now the song is gone! The YouTube poster has removed it, sadly…


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