Starbucks’s Chocolate Layer Cheese Cake

The new cake from Starbucks, ‘Chocolate Layer Cheese Cake’. It’s pretty good, and the balance that the mixture of chocolate and cheese strikes for the palate is particularly welcome. Chocolate cakes have a tendency to be overly sweet, but the presence of cheese negates this problem without completely canceling out the taste. The overall impression is a chocolate cake that is tangy and insistent, and quite filling as well. I haven’t been overly fond of Starbucks’ cake offerings (nothing that could compete with Coffee Bean’s selection), but this is a nice competitor and one I see myself coming back for.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks’s Chocolate Layer Cheese Cake

    • Why, thanks! Your words are really encouraging for me, because I want to take my writing more seriously than I used to do. Hopefully I will keep posting stuff you find interesting 🙂

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