Resolution No. 1

You wonder the streets and ponder in your mind

Just where it is you are headed

Unable to find an answer, you revert to what you know best (what is worst for you)

and end up haunting the same joints, making the same mistakes

Meet the same people and waste away anonymously

You need to change your mind, change your thoughts

And so start to change the way you live your life

And now start to heal yourself

Learn to respect yourself, start by not trying to please others before you

Show the small pieces of courage that you need in life, begin with speaking how you feel, and stand up for what is and ought to be yours

You fear you have nothing, and you have no one to fall back on

So you have nothing to lose

So start dreaming, and never stop

Give your all, because you have nothing

Believe you can do everything, because right now you are nothing, have nothing

Do what you love, not because it will make you a more esteemed person

But because it will make your life mean something in the end

Love what you do, for what you do is what you are at this moment in time

Be honest, do not posture or pretend to be something you’re not

When they fall in love with what you pretend to be

You will hate them for not loving you

And you will start to hate yourself

Because as the distance between you and your shadow grows

So will the emptiness inside your heart

That can only be filled by becoming who you can be



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