Blue Sanctuary

Because the sea stretches forever, it makes me free.
Standing before it, nothing is blocking my way.
To stand before it I know only myself’s to blame.

Knowing I stand free without debt, I want to be

Still, and facing the sea my guilt is waived.

To face the ocean I know I needn’t play any games.

I feel the sand beneath my feet, see seagulls fly.
Waves wash up to me, they wash my words away;
But my heart is written in pebbles arranged just so.

Waves can’t drag’em back and neither can I,
Because the pebbles are sealed with an if-I-may
Message and a hope, that you might someday know.

I feel the wind buffeting ‘gainst my face, it rakes
And roughs up my hair like a kindly brother.
Wind asks no questions, carries no expectations.

I wait for your answer, for an answer’s all it takes
To heal a belief that breaks in a moment’s bother –
You’re a proud victor against pride’s protestations.

I walk along the beach and see a mother and child,
Before the aquatic tomb of an ancient king
That stands sentinel to a millennium of continuity.

My feet have gotten heavy, my confusion grown mild.
I am reluctant to return and resume my unwilling
Battle for a distant dream in indifferent reality.

But I have other places to go, and I think I realize
How good it is to have destinations, and better,
To have someone I hope to see waiting for me.

Clear and glacial the sunlight reaches my eyes
And I’m glad to breath the last vapours of winter;
Glad to have found you in me at my blue sanctuary.

– 18th March, 2011


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