‘Dead Island’ announcement – possibly the best trailer ever?

Any time you show young children in actual mortal peril (and in this case a graphic one at that), you risk being branded exploitative and insensitive, and also, for this particular game, misrepresentative. But when it’s done with this much artistic flair and dramatic punch in just over 3 minutes, perhaps it’s easier to forgive. The trailer for the forthcoming open-world zombie game ‘Dead Island‘ is gory (although on-par or even less than most other zombie-related stuff in cinema or on consoles) and harrowing but it’s also powerfully haunting, set to gorgeously funereal music and plays out in brilliant narrative progression. Whether or not you stomach the violence against the young girl being depicted, or whether you can stand zombies altogether, it’s hard to deny the artful execution and emotional impact of this trailer.

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