Pnau – Baby (Breakbot Remix)

This is the music that plays in the pre-start screen in the game ‘Gran Turismo 5‘. Gran Turismo has long been a racing series famous for its graphical verisimilitude, but equally among fans it has been appreciated for its classy soundtrack. There are almost a hundred (a hundred!) tracks in GT5, and many are really worth your time: ‘7 Days’ Reminiscence‘ is a lilting delight, while ‘Solitude‘ is the ideal background music to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

‘Baby’ is the standout track, however. It’s surprisingly sweet and melodic for a pre-race tune, and in-game it’s barely audible with the revving engines and the crowd roar all competing for your aural attention. However, it really does stand out because of the sheer quality of the opening piano melody, and the electronic beats and the lovable vocals are somehow a logical continuation of that while conveying a sense of giddy excitement.

Avoid the original, however, because it’s god-awful. How such a lovely song came to be from such turgid rubbish is almost unfathomable, but it is a rare proof that remix can benefit a track.


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