While at home for the Lunar New Year’s holidays, I realized that I had this fantastic framed poster commemorating the release of remastered Beatles albums in 2009, hanging on the wall innocuously. How did I get by this treasure, you ask?
When I went to buy these albums, Hottracks (possibly the only dedicated music and DVD store chain left in Korea) did a promotion whereby if you deposited your receipt after buying the CDs they would do a draw and give away the framed poster to the lucky winner. They only had one there, and in principle you only qualified for the draw if you bought all the albums, but presumably due to the paucity of customers willing to fork out for the entire collection, they accepted cheapskates like me who picked and chose.

Anyway, having done my duty as a consumer of reasonable musical tastes I gave it no more thought and continued my existence as an unemployed regional bumpkin. After a week and a call from an excited store manager later, I was carrying this baby out of Hottracks with an unnecessarily massive grin on my face, glorying in the envious glances of shoppers. I remember quickening my pace in case some jealous maniac threw something at the precious glass, and being relieved after I safely stored the prize in the back of my car.

With this fond memory I thought I would bring back the albums and give them a good listen every now and then, the way they were meant to be heard – on CDs! Of course, I doubt the Beatles themselves would have meant that back then, Sony not having got around to inventing the damn things yet and all that, but I’m sure they would have appreciated it. More than MP3s, anyhow.


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